Love !n Mot!on

Thandi means love and I AM love in motion.God's life breath, daughter, sister, student and Gods purpose defined and liberated daily.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The last lecture

The last lecture of Media Studies was bittersweet. Sweet- because all the pressure that came with the subject was finally over. Bitter- because the relationship I had built with my classmates and lecturer during these times, had come to end. 

I was not fully aware that in all the moments of pressure and tiredness, growth, laughter and joy took place. I was so focused on planning for the future and reliving my pasts when it came to school work, that I missed the gift of the present moment. 

It was truly pleasure learning from my lecturers and classmates this year. However, by taking life tooooooo seriously, I possibly missed experiencing genuinely fun times. But this too is a lesson on its own and I move forward determined not to take life and all the experiences I am blessed with, for granted again.

To never "hamartia" again (2 Corinthians 13:14)

In India, each day was filled with sound and movement, with thought and action. Every day Uhuru became more aware of the present and gained hope for the future.


She went to Indian to draw closer to Maran and his family. To find peace about his passing and heal all wounds. She did not think that in the process, she would find her soul. Instead of running away from her pain and misery, she was now running towards the joys and adventures that presented itself everyday.


Even when there was pain, she realised that it was reducing. She loved herself again, she loved Maran more now than when he was physically present. She loved his family and considered them her family. She loved God and realised that the only real sin is demeaning Gods gift of each day by turning away from it to live in sorrow and pain.


If presented with the opportunity to get a message to a large group of people, what would your message be?

My message to a large group of people would be based on my favourite scripture verses. This message would seek to encourage and heal those who need it and those who do not know that they need it. It would state:
The past events have indeed happened
God declares new events
He has announced them to you before they occur
You are His
You are precious in God’s sights
You are honoured
He loves you
So do not fear because He is with you
He helps you

He has swept away your transgressions like a cloud
And your sins like the mist
God has redeemed you
Return to Him with your whole heart, mind and strength

You have been sustained from the womb
Carried along since birth by the Lord
He is the same till your old age
He will bear you up and He will save you
He has made you and He will carry you

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for your life

The next step (Psalm 91:11)

Uhuru spent her days in Indian visiting beautiful places and meeting interesting people. Sometimes it is cold in India, sometimes terribly hot, often dry, sometimes rainy. It did not matter all that much because India was alive all year.


She visited a number of places, one of her favourites being Gulmarg in Kashmir. In Gulmarg, she would ride a pony to a high meadow. It was full of flowers and above it, there were more mountains, beyond, touched by snow, always.


It is in these meadows that Uhuru contemplated the idea of visiting other countries. She liked seeing India, meeting the different people and learning the different cultures India has. She wanted to do the same somewhere else now.


Travel information from- Rosenthal, A.M. & Gelb, A. 1985. Great tours and detours. London: Ebury Press.  

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I once asked a friend how old would she be if she didn’t know how old she was?
She said, “Old enough to drive my favourite cars.”
And go to all my favourite spas

No, I am serious, I said.
And with her thinking face, she looked ahead.
She said, “No friend, this question is going to make me brain dead.”

She then asked me, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”
I replied, “I would be 30 and a famous film star”
“And I would have a sporty red car”

We both laughed at our silliness